Green Thumb

Last weekend I became the proud owner if my very first flower: an orchid from Trader Joes. It adds the perfect touch of color to my apartment! For me, owning a plant is a huge accomplishment; I’m not exactly known for having a green thumb. The last plant I owned was a cactus. You know those plants that grow in the desert and survive off a teaspoon of water every year (or something like that).   Despite their heartiness,  I somehow managed to kill it. In my defense, I swear it wasn’t my fault; it grew this odd white fungus and slowly died.

I promised myself that this plant would last longer than the cactus (fingers crossed). In the mean time, enjoy some pictures!


Happy Monday!

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Addicted to Blogs

Ok, I have a confession…I think I might be kinda, sorta, maybe addicted to reading blogs.  Three months ago, I never dreamed of having this “problem”, but now I can honestly say that I check my favorites regularly.  I probably check them too often and I’m pretty sure I’m not a full blow addict (give me a few more months and I might be re-writing this post).  Isn’t admitting you have a problem the first step to recovery?

When I started this blog, I was very apprehensive.  By nature, I am an extremely private person, and the idea of sharing my life on the internet stills gives me the heebie jeebies.  But, change is in order and I’m up for the challenge.  I hope to someday create a blog as powerful as the ones I read on a daily basis.  In the mean time, here are two of my favorites:

Peanut Butter Fingers

How Sweet It Is



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Doggie Birthdays

Yesterday was Charly and Maddy’s 7th birthday.  If you are just joining my blog, Charly and Maddy are my family dogs.  I think my parents got them as replacement for my brother and I when we moved away for college.

When I moved to West Chester last fall for grad school, it broke my heart not to see my puppies.  More than once, I’ve contemplated kidnapping them,  dressing them up like people and telling my neighbors that I recently acquired roommates.  Trust me, I’ve planned out every detail.  This would probably last 2.5 seconds and I’d get kicked out of my apartment.

Either way, my parent’s had a small party for the dogs, cake included.  It’s slightly amusing that the dog’s birthday is an excuse to buy an ice cake from the Dairy Queen (of which my parent’s enjoy). I laugh now, but when I get a dog of my own, I’m pretty sure I’ll do the same thing.

What can I say, I’m a total softie for animals (those SPCA donation commercials make me cry every time).  Time to get to cook pumpkin enchiladas and do some homework.

Happy Sunday (again)!


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New Blog (Sorta)

Before I started this blog, I envisioned it taking a totally different direction.  I dream BIG and when the vision in my head doesn’t match with reality, I take a step back and readjust.  In this case, completely start over.

Honestly, I think my blog is a bit boring and if I weren’t my own, I probably wouldn’t read it on a consistent basis.  With that said, I owe it to myself and my readers (if I haven’t caused you all to wither away and die of boredom) to make some changes.  My past blogs haven’t shared with my readers anything personal and to be honest, for a photography blog, it’s pretty bare of images.

To help me out of this rut, I am going to start posting twice a week:  Sundays and Thursdays.  I promise to include more images and write stuff that is less “how-to” and more me!  If I come across tips and tricks that I find interesting, I will certainly share them!

So once again, welcome to my life and the new, and (soon to be) fabulously improved blog!

Happy Sunday!

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Camera Doctor

I’ve tried writing this post twice already, and both times I click off of the page and don’t save the draft. I’m pretty much a professional at writing this first paragraph. All I can say, is it was one of those days. I don’t think I was able to string together a coherent sentence all afternoon. Lucky for you, my typing skills are up to par so I shouldn’t babble (umm type) too much during my post.

Today’s message is regarding the importance of taking your camera to the “doctor”.  [save]  That action was me pressing the save button so I wouldn’t have to type this post again for the fourth time.  Like all equipment, they need to be tweaked and cleaned and adjusted on a regular basis.  My advice for the day is to make friends with your local Canon dealer/repair center.  For me, the closest location is in Jamesburg, NJ; I think the other locations are in CA and VA.  I have chosen to set up a reoccurring reminder in my calender to send all of my equipment back to Canon on a yearly basis (more frequent if I run into any problems).  I send back my bodies and all of my lenses.

My equipment comes back cleaned, adjusted and the firmware updated [save].  I remembered to save again.  I always make sure to purchase insurance from the shipping company before sending off my equipment.  I’ve found that the UPSP has the best rates for shipping and insurance costs.

I’ve chosen to send my camera back on a yearly basis based on my yearly usage. If you use your camera on a less, or more frequent basis, you might want to adjust your timing.  Find what works for you.  I’m just sharing what routine works for me.

Enjoy and happy shooting!


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Professional Food Taster

Lately, I’ve been addicted to reading blogs. I like to call it research for my blog. I find the I’m drawn towards blogs that involve cooking and fun, new recipes. I think this obsession stems from the fact that I someday want to be a professional food taster and world traveler.  Until there is a job boom for this type of position, I will continue to read my blogs and sample as many types of foods as I travel.

Oh She Glows

Carrots N Cake

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“Reality is for people who lack imagination.”

What does this image say to you?

As photographers, we use our imagination to “see” images and share our vision with others.  Tonight’s post will be short and I will leave you with this bit of advice.  Your images will be the most powerful when telling a story.  It is up to you what type of story you want to tell.  Use your imagination to speak through your photographs.


Happy Sunday!

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Random Tuesday Picture

I know that today is not Sunday, but I am in the middle of finals week at school and I am taking a 5 minute procrastination break.  I promised myself that it would be short and not turn into a 3 hour episode of  recipe searching and reading articles on how to rearrange my sock drawer.

I took this picture years ago when I was a student at Gettysburg Yearbook Experience (GYE) studying photography.  It has always been a favorite, because 10 people can look at it and I will get 10 different responses.

What do you see?

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Just For Fun: Brain Therapy

It’s less than two hours until Sunday, I’m going to round up and say that it is close enough to Sunday for me to post to my blog.  For those of you who are just joining me, I post to my blog every Sunday.

I am SO excited! This Friday I am going to the see the Banff Mount Film Festival World Tour! Take a look at the promo video for the tour!  The Banff Mountain Film Festival is collection of high adventure or documentary films that are taken all over the world. It’s not abnormal to watch one video about professional base jumpers and then the next one  about a couple who biked across Mongolia (that’s over 3,000 miles if you were curious about the math).  This will be my 6th year attending the show.  I put reminders in my calender 4 months in advance so I don’t forget to buy tickets.  I know, I know, it’s a bit excessive, but I really don’t want to miss getting tickets.  They generally sell out quick.

So, what is my point in posting this?  I have a point, I promise.  The Film Festival is exciting, crazy and it helps me add places to my “Must Travel To” list.  Yes, I really do have such a list.  When we as artists, enjoy other forms of art, it helps us to grow, not only as a person, but as an artist.  Go outside of your comfort zone and take a moment to study art that is not your usual taste.  The word “study” can take on whatever form you want.  If you want to study art for 3 hours at a clip, go for it!  If you want to “study” art while eating popcorn (like I will this Friday), then go for it!  My take-home message to my readers is to stop for a moment and look at the beauty around you.  Study it and learn from it.

Happy (almost) Sunday!


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Things I Wish I Knew at the Beginning

Do you ever wish you can go back and teach your younger self time saving tips?  Sometimes I wish I knew thing at the beginning that would have saved me a few bumps a long the way.  Hopefully by writing this blog, I can help a few readers a long the way.

Today’s tip for my younger self is know and use monitor calibration.  I currently use the Spyder3Express by Datacolor.  The device is super simple to use and required absolutely no previous knowledge on monitors or calibration devices.  It is a monitor correction tool that  adjusts the color of your monitor so that you are using true color to edit and print images.  If you want more control over your calibration, Datacolor offers more advanced versions with the Spyder3Pro and the Spyder3Elite.

Personally, I don’t print any of my own images.  I send them all an online printing service.  But, it is still vital that I use a calibrated monitor to when I do my editing.  You cannot rely on the calibration from the manufacturer.  It does not take into account ambient light of the room nor does it have the ability to recalibrate itself.

Just remember, the tools for your computer are just as important as your camera equipment.

On a lighter note, this lovely lady in the picture is Maddy.  She is Charly’s sister and the other half of the furry troublemakers in the family (see post below).   She has no relationship to my blog post, but I thought it would be fun to introduce her to everyone.

Happy Sunday!

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