New Blog (Sorta)

Before I started this blog, I envisioned it taking a totally different direction.  I dream BIG and when the vision in my head doesn’t match with reality, I take a step back and readjust.  In this case, completely start over.

Honestly, I think my blog is a bit boring and if I weren’t my own, I probably wouldn’t read it on a consistent basis.  With that said, I owe it to myself and my readers (if I haven’t caused you all to wither away and die of boredom) to make some changes.  My past blogs haven’t shared with my readers anything personal and to be honest, for a photography blog, it’s pretty bare of images.

To help me out of this rut, I am going to start posting twice a week:  Sundays and Thursdays.  I promise to include more images and write stuff that is less “how-to” and more me!  If I come across tips and tricks that I find interesting, I will certainly share them!

So once again, welcome to my life and the new, and (soon to be) fabulously improved blog!

Happy Sunday!

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