Camera Doctor

I’ve tried writing this post twice already, and both times I click off of the page and don’t save the draft. I’m pretty much a professional at writing this first paragraph. All I can say, is it was one of those days. I don’t think I was able to string together a coherent sentence all afternoon. Lucky for you, my typing skills are up to par so I shouldn’t babble (umm type) too much during my post.

Today’s message is regarding the importance of taking your camera to the “doctor”.  [save]  That action was me pressing the save button so I wouldn’t have to type this post again for the fourth time.  Like all equipment, they need to be tweaked and cleaned and adjusted on a regular basis.  My advice for the day is to make friends with your local Canon dealer/repair center.  For me, the closest location is in Jamesburg, NJ; I think the other locations are in CA and VA.  I have chosen to set up a reoccurring reminder in my calender to send all of my equipment back to Canon on a yearly basis (more frequent if I run into any problems).  I send back my bodies and all of my lenses.

My equipment comes back cleaned, adjusted and the firmware updated [save].  I remembered to save again.  I always make sure to purchase insurance from the shipping company before sending off my equipment.  I’ve found that the UPSP has the best rates for shipping and insurance costs.

I’ve chosen to send my camera back on a yearly basis based on my yearly usage. If you use your camera on a less, or more frequent basis, you might want to adjust your timing.  Find what works for you.  I’m just sharing what routine works for me.

Enjoy and happy shooting!


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