Things I Wish I Knew at the Beginning

Do you ever wish you can go back and teach your younger self time saving tips?  Sometimes I wish I knew thing at the beginning that would have saved me a few bumps a long the way.  Hopefully by writing this blog, I can help a few readers a long the way.

Today’s tip for my younger self is know and use monitor calibration.  I currently use the Spyder3Express by Datacolor.  The device is super simple to use and required absolutely no previous knowledge on monitors or calibration devices.  It is a monitor correction tool that  adjusts the color of your monitor so that you are using true color to edit and print images.  If you want more control over your calibration, Datacolor offers more advanced versions with the Spyder3Pro and the Spyder3Elite.

Personally, I don’t print any of my own images.  I send them all an online printing service.  But, it is still vital that I use a calibrated monitor to when I do my editing.  You cannot rely on the calibration from the manufacturer.  It does not take into account ambient light of the room nor does it have the ability to recalibrate itself.

Just remember, the tools for your computer are just as important as your camera equipment.

On a lighter note, this lovely lady in the picture is Maddy.  She is Charly’s sister and the other half of the furry troublemakers in the family (see post below).   She has no relationship to my blog post, but I thought it would be fun to introduce her to everyone.

Happy Sunday!

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