Words to Shoot by…

Today’s blog post is going to be very short. It’s going to be the fast food of blog posts.

1. Shoot what you know.

2. Shoot what you want to know.

Let me (briefly) explain. If you know birds, their eating habits, their mannerisms, their migratory patterns, their feeding preferences, you should think about shooting birds. You don’t have to shoot anything you don’t want to, but think for a minute of your awesome advantage over another photographer who is a novice around birds.

If you want to shoot birds, then learn everything you possibly can about them. I guarantee it will help you get that WOW shot. I would bet a lot of money, and my pet basil plant Leroy, that those pictures you see in National Geographic took A LOT of research and tons of studying. The photographer immersed him/herself fully in the culture and environment of the subject.

Happy Shooting!

(My pet Charly has his debut appearance in my blog!)

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