Dr. Oz comes to West Chester University

Last weekend the class of 2011 graduated from West Chester University.  This year, the guest speaker at graduation was none other than Dr. Oz.  I was ecstatic to hear him speak, but a bit leery.  I expected the speech to be cookie-cutter graduation advice.  Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Dr. Oz’s 10 Tips to Success and Happiness.

His tips were:

10. “Every day, feel productive and challenged in a tailor-made system that works for you, what works in your life. You might as well do the things you’re good at.”

9. “Generate an expertise in an area other than the profession that you choose to make your living.”

8. “Develop a system for living your life.”

7. “Find a mentor.”

6. “Whatever you choose to do, do it with a childlike passion.”

5. “Let people surprise you.”

4.  “Recognize that relationships have to keep growing.”

3. “Never forget that the body is a temple of the soul.”

2. “Live in the present.”

1. “Remember that you must make the driving force in your life, love.”

(tips from www.dailylocal.com)

My favorite, and the one that stuck with me was #6, “Whatever you choose to do, do it with a childlike passion.”  Children don’t worry about stress and deadlines and to-do lists; they do things simply for the joy it brings.  I know I’m going to try to remember this more often.

Happy Sunday!

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