A Walk in the Park

I struggled a bit with writing this post. I thought about it all day but every idea just didn’t seem to “fit”.  I went for a walk with my camera to nearby park to try to draw up some inspiration.  It was almost home when the perfect idea hit me:  struggling with creative ideas.

As photographer, we are filled with inspiration everyday, everywhere we go, with every object, person, thing we see.  Or we can look at the same object and see it in 20 different ways throughout the day and the only thing that changes is the light.  With all this inspiration, we can still get stuck, mentally stuck to be exact.   Sometimes I panic when I don’t “see” the picture right away.  Sometimes I don’t see the picture at all and when I’m home editing, I’m just not happy with the images.

Guess what, we all have those days.  I probably have more of those days than I want to admit.  But, there is a bright side to this story:  the more I practice and the more I shoot, the easier it is to see images.  Honestly, there isn’t a quick answer to make one a better photographer, but I can share with you two pieces of advice.

1.  Practice, practice, practice.  Were Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo able to carve masterpieces without practicing and perfecting their crafts for years and years?

2.  Study, study, study.  Study the work of other photographers.  Ask yourself what makes it technically a good picture and where was the source of light.  Dig down deep and essentially recompose the image in your head.  What would you do if you were taking this image?

Happy Shooting!

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