Addicted to Blogs

Ok, I have a confession…I think I might be kinda, sorta, maybe addicted to reading blogs.  Three months ago, I never dreamed of having this “problem”, but now I can honestly say that I check my favorites regularly.  I probably check them too often and I’m pretty sure I’m not a full blow addict (give me a few more months and I might be re-writing this post).  Isn’t admitting you have a problem the first step to recovery?

When I started this blog, I was very apprehensive.  By nature, I am an extremely private person, and the idea of sharing my life on the internet stills gives me the heebie jeebies.  But, change is in order and I’m up for the challenge.  I hope to someday create a blog as powerful as the ones I read on a daily basis.  In the mean time, here are two of my favorites:

Peanut Butter Fingers

How Sweet It Is



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