Doggie Birthdays

Yesterday was Charly and Maddy’s 7th birthday.  If you are just joining my blog, Charly and Maddy are my family dogs.  I think my parents got them as replacement for my brother and I when we moved away for college.

When I moved to West Chester last fall for grad school, it broke my heart not to see my puppies.  More than once, I’ve contemplated kidnapping them,  dressing them up like people and telling my neighbors that I recently acquired roommates.  Trust me, I’ve planned out every detail.  This would probably last 2.5 seconds and I’d get kicked out of my apartment.

Either way, my parent’s had a small party for the dogs, cake included.  It’s slightly amusing that the dog’s birthday is an excuse to buy an ice cake from the Dairy Queen (of which my parent’s enjoy). I laugh now, but when I get a dog of my own, I’m pretty sure I’ll do the same thing.

What can I say, I’m a total softie for animals (those SPCA donation commercials make me cry every time).  Time to get to cook pumpkin enchiladas and do some homework.

Happy Sunday (again)!


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